Strategic marketing

Do you provide quick responses to your customers’ enquiries via e-mail or chat? Is relationship management on social media part of your sales process? Do you offer smooth and easy complaint and return management that works online, driven by user-friendly digital forms and platforms?

Today, many clients already got used to intuitive virtual workflows like buying a ticket for public transport using an app, ordering food online or doing online banking. For tomorrow’s customers, experiencing most of the customer journey online will be as normal as the fax had become in the 1990ies.

eCommerce and app technology in Asian countries provide blueprints while digital transformation has also become a key issue for companies of all sizes in Europe. This is not only true for B2C companies: Why would a B2B customer, who acts online in private life, not appreciate or even expect quick and responsive digital services in business?

These trends imply: Companies who can successfully answer digital demands will stand out from their competitors, thus driving economic sustainability for their own and their customers’ benefit. On top of this, internal digital process management, using existing systems like CRM or invoicing tools, or even new technologies like big data analysis, are driving excellence and communication.

I provide professional support to take a fresh look at your existing product or service portfolio for bringing your customer processes to the next digital level. Using established strategic marketing tools like market and competitor analysis, SWOT or product-life-cycles, I will elaborate on positioning, unique selling propositions and product/service portfolio having one goal in mind: your digital and sustainable future.