My work is consequently oriented on business goals to create maximum outcome. Business partners say that they appreciate my resourcefulness in different areas. Adjusting the nuances of a company’s positioning to the specific requirements of new markets? Creating new content ideas, again and again, week by week? Finding the right events and issues to position top managers ideally? I will find a solution.

Resourceful. Committed. Supportive.

Digital customer journey

Get your business ready for the future: In a constantly evolving world, a digitally-oriented product and service portfolio has become substantial.

Communication planning

The best product and service portfolio is futile without consistent communication – this does not only apply to the B2C but also to the B2B environment.

Brand management

Brands are valuable. However, it is not only the company’s tangible assets that determine the brand equity.

Content creation

Especially in the B2B arena, relevant key messages and correct details are crucial for creating credibility and trust.

Social Media

Long-term B2B community management and continuous updates which are rich in content – one of my specialties.

Public speaking / virtual events

The schedules of sales teams, managers and executives are packed, and public appearances are part of their daily business. I provide all you need to shine on stage – no matter if it is on-site or digitally.