Negotiation 101

Negotiation 101 is dedicated to quotes from negotiation-related publications which I find inspiring and which may serve anyone who is looking for new impulses on the topic.

I received my first introduction to negotiation skills during corporate in-house trainings in the Harvard method of negotiation and in conflict management. Now, I am pursuing a master studies in Global Diplomacy at SOAS/University of London, focusing on foreign and trade relations, in particular between the USA and China, in my dissertation.

The understanding of political issues as well as strategies and tactics of political negotiation are eventually transferable to organizational development, internal and external communication – and to personal development, too.

James L. True, Bryan D. Jones, Frank R. Baumgartner: Punctuated-Equilibrium Theory
Photo by T.Q. on Unsplash

Anders Hanberger, “What is the Policy Problem”
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash
Cardinal Richelieu, Testament Politique
Francesco Guicciardini, Ricordi
Francesco Guicciardini, Ricordi