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Webinar: WeChat for Business

WeChat is THE state-of-the-art app in China. It covers such a broad service portfolio that not only other apps but even website become futile. However, the application is mostly unknown in Western countries where its comprehensiveness triggers both, fascination and mistrust. During my presentation “WeChat for Business: A user perspective – East meets West”, IContinue reading “Webinar: WeChat for Business”

Virtual events – Opportunities for digital relationship management

While COVID-19 forced many event organizers to cancel fairs, congresses, or networking events, those who had to work from home, made the best out of their situation and equipped themselves technically to keep in touch online. This new context – an increasing digital transformation of individuals while physical events take a mandatory break – offersContinue reading “Virtual events – Opportunities for digital relationship management”

Survey: Digital customer relations in B2B

Digital transformation has been a key issue on the agenda of numerous companies, even more since the beginning of the corona crisis which made digital service offerings a substantial survival strategy for many businesses. The Whitepaper “Digital customer processes in B2B: Status Quo” will provide a fact-based evaluation of the status quo in terms ofContinue reading “Survey: Digital customer relations in B2B”

Creating trust in remote work

The current debate about COVID-19-driven home office work in Germany mirrors the biggest concerns that companies and traditionalists have about it, namely a lack of productivity and non-accomplished working hours due to personal distractions. According to my own experience as a self-employed, organized communication and priority setting are the most important success factors for trustContinue reading “Creating trust in remote work”

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