Webinar: WeChat for Business

WeChat is THE state-of-the-art app in China. It covers such a broad service portfolio that not only other apps but even website become futile. However, the application is mostly unknown in Western countries where its comprehensiveness triggers both, fascination and mistrust.

During my presentation “WeChat for Business: A user perspective – East meets West”, I introduced WeChat business cases, reflected on Eastern versus Western mindset and discussed the issue of censorship against the backdrop of international communication.

The question if WeChat is really relevant and necessary in B2B leads back to the strategic question if companies are committed to use social media for their marketing and sales. In times of digital transformation, and even more in crisis situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, social media is substantial to engage with stakeholders and to handle customer relationships in a modern and proficient way. Ultimately, if you want to reach your audience in China, WeChat is a must have in your communication toolkit.

Thank you to the team of Legacy & Innovation for having me during their virtual meet-up #5 on May 6, 2020. I enjoyed the exchange we had with participants of the session after the presentation!

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