Survey: Digital customer relations in B2B

Digital transformation has been a key issue on the agenda of numerous companies, even more since the beginning of the corona crisis which made digital service offerings a substantial survival strategy for many businesses. The Whitepaper “Digital customer processes in B2B: Status Quo” will provide a fact-based evaluation of the status quo in terms of digital customer relationship management and sales.

While digitalization is very present and much discussed in B2B production, the holistic transfer of customer-oriented processes into the virtual world is less in focus. This is not only critical against the backdrop of the most recent fair and event cancellations in corona times; companies are also facing the challenge that digital service offerings and advanced online customer support are a basic factor for digital natives. This applies even more when cooperating with contacts from digitally prone markets, and it means: approaching, assisting and serving customers digitally within the framework of a company’s business model are crucial for remaining competitive.

The present survey, web and social media analysis, as well as expert interviews, will be the main methods to collect relevant information. Geographically, Germany and certain key markets in Asia, like China/Hong Kong, India or Singapore, are in focus. The survey can be completed anonymously. It took test persons 6-8 minutes to answer the 27 questions. Unveiling personal data is optional and related questions can be neglected.

A summary of the whitepaper will be available on this website; the full version will be sent to interested parties for free on request via e-mail to or via web enquiry. Survey participants, who provide their e-mail address, will receive the full version upon its completion.

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