— New name, new website —

Dear visitor, you might have realized: where you once found “Pallas Advisory”, you are redirected to “CS Marketing & Mobility” now. The reason is: I have renamed my business! At the same time, I am currently working on my new website which will be published in August in English and German. In the meantime, feel free to contact me via e-mail: corinna.seidel@cs-marketing.solutions or phone: +49 170 84 55 367 if you want to know more.

— Neuer Name, neue Website —

Liebe/r Besucher/in, vielleicht ist es Ihnen aufgefallen: wo Sie bisher die Website von “Pallas Advisory” fanden, werden Sie nun zu “CS Marketing & Mobility” umgeleitet. Der Grund: ich habe mein Business umbenannt! Gleichzeitig arbeite ich mit Vollgas an meiner neuen Website, die im August auf Englisch und Deutsch online geht. Kontaktieren Sie mich per Mail: corinna.seidel@cs-marketing.solutions oder Telefon: +49 170 84 55 367 für mehr Informationen.

I am Corinna Seidel, owner of Corinna Seidel Marketing & Mobility. My vast expertise in strategic marketing, communication and conversation skills on different European and Asian markets builds the basis for my advisory services in marketing and communication.

Within the B2B arena, I am not only an expert for the logistics and mobility sectors; I also served service providers like IT companies, or B2B companies from pharma & healthcare, machinery or the automotive aftermarket industries.

My portfolio includes experience in multinational companies, marketing and PR agencies and management consultancies in different functions, from middle management to free-lance advisor or team support.

From 2015 until 2019, I lived and worked in Hong Kong, leading marketing communications and PR for the Asia Pacific region. My broad exposure across the region builds the backbone of my Asia competence.

Service promise

Wisdom and handicraft serve as a motto for all services that I am offering together with my network partners. That is the reason why I initially chose the name “Pallas” for my activities. Pallas is, among others, an epithet to the name of the Greek goddess Athena. She is associated with wisdom and handicraft, visualized by the owl and horse in my first logo.

I think and work customer-oriented and deliver fast without compromising on the outcome. As an independent cosmopolitan with broad international experience, I am geographically flexible and offer on-site and remote services with a focus on medium-sized B2B companies.

Special: CEO speech analysis

Executive Communication is part of my service portfolio. As a member of the German speech writer association, I therefore joined a project team of speech writers who volunteer every year to analyze the CEO speeches at the annual general meeting of all DAX 30 companies.

What People Say

“Corinna is highly professional in her approach and very meticulous in managing and leading marketing and communication projects. She is result driven and has a great understanding of the logistics business.”

A former colleague. Click here for more.

“Corinna always performed far above expectations even when facing tight deadlines. She is extremely capable and hard-working and she is able to motivate and inspire her team.”

Reference letter. Evidence on request